Complete CCTV Surveillance System Planning

There is more to security surveillance than installing equipment.  CCTV cameras are only part of the system.  By offering suggestions and ideas about which video surveillance equipment to use and the strategic placement of CCTV cameras, we're able to provide results that exceed everyone's expectations.

With a full staff of designers, and certified installers; we handle every aspect of your CCTV surveillance system project from concept to installation. 

G I Life Safety Systems has distinguished itself from other security companies by specializing in providing top of the line digital recording CCTV systems that allow businesses to remotely manage their facilities from anywhere around the world.
Our state of the art digital recorders have won many awards for its recording and remote surveillance capabilities.
For some clients, visual contact is the best way to reduce security risk and maintain peace of mind.
Video cameras help in the day to day operations of running your business such as:  Loss prevention
Point of sale verification
Recording the day's events
Live monitoring

Live, remote viewing over the Internet is available and secure so you can check in from your home PC or laptop.

Digital video recording of events allow you to address recurring theft or other problems.

Residential cameras allow you to view areas in and around your home.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)  Eliminates the need to replace VCR tapes
Can store7days to 50 days of data on a single hard drive
You receive digital quality recording

Please don't hesitate to call us 609 838 1902 or email us at so we can advise you on the proper solution for your security applications
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